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‘My character Chandra is like a female Chanakya’

Aarti singh. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, May 12 : Actress Arti Singh, who is currently seen in the TV show ‘Shravani’, is playing the negative lead Chandra. She has given details about her character and called it a “female Chanakya”.

Arti Singh and Gaurika Sharma get candid about how their characters will face off each other in the show.

On playing Chandra, Arti mentioned: “Chandra wants everything by hook or crook and she will do everything to get what she wants. She is very ambitious. Chandra is like the lady Chanakya.”
“It is challenging for me to play this role because I’ve never played villain, an out and out negative character. I normally don’t prep for the characters, I go naturally with my instinct to make it look relatable. Also, I’m from Lucknow and this story is also based in UP, so to pick up the dialect and style was not difficult for me.”
She added: “I’ve never played a villain and definitely it’s the negative lead and a very important part for the story. The production house is very good. I’ve been knowing the producers and director, they have done some commendable work previously. These were a few of the reasons I took up the show because I wanted to work with good people.”
Gaurika Sharma, who is playing the character of Shravani says,”It was very challenging as I’m essaying the female version of Shravan Kumar and till now people have watched only males playing a Shravan Kumar like character. It is a challenge for me to deal with a character like Chandra with all innocence and cuteness.”
“Shravani is someone who can do anything to take care of her blind parents and protect them at all cost. I feel the show gives an important message to today’s youth on being responsible towards their parents.”

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