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Leeza gets voted out within 2 days by friend Piyu

‘MTV Roadies’: Leeza gets voted out within 2 days by friend Piyu. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, Aug 15 : Contestant Leeza has been kicked out of ‘MTV Roadies: Karm Ya Kaand’ after a span of just two days cutting her journey to being a Roadie very short. But as if her eviction wasn’t hot enough, the vote to cast her out has come from her close friend Piyu.

Talking about her eviction, Leeza goes on to say that this happened after trusting the wrong person, and that her trust was misplaced as she got betrayed. She also said that she felt a bit naive after realising that while outside, people in different Gangs can be friends, inside the show, their loyalty is only to their Gang members and Leader.

The Assam girl has been a close friend of Piyu as both of them are partners in kickboxing, and according to Leeza, Piyu has been a good friend to her as such, never otherwise betraying her. Though she has some mixed feelings as Leeza did say that feels like crying, she also understands Piyu’s reasons for voting her out.

Leeza belongs to the Gautam Gulati Gang while Piyu belongs to the Rhea Chakraborty Gang. Each team packs their respective strengths, but are rivals, so while in the ring, friendships are non-existent.

But then, Leeza went on to spill some very interesting beans. Though not angry at her friend for voting her out, she said that Piyu has great partiality for her fellow contestant Pallavi and that their relationship seems to be beyond that of just platonic friendship.

Leeza says that while she won’t rule out the angle of ‘just friends’, their great closeness seems to imply a lot more, as Piyu almost aggressively sticks to Pallavi. This case is indeed a bizarre one, because Leeza had not made it during the auditions but was later taken in, and now she’s out once again.

Using this case, she went on to highlight the hypocrisy of all contestants saying that while everyone will talk about group-ism and how protecting the team is the most important thing of all, in the end everyone will just look out for themselves.

‘MTV Roadies: Karm Ya Kaand’ airs on MTV and Jiocinema.

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