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Jennifer Lawrence wants to ‘put more light on women’s suffrage in Afghanistan’

Jennifer Lawrence.( Image Source: IANS News

Los Angeles, June 21 : Actress Jennifer Lawrence has said that the documentary ‘Bread And Roses’ is a real passion project for her.

The Oscar-winning actress is the co-producer of the documentary ‘Bread And Roses’, which looks at the women living under Taliban rule in Afghanistan, and Jennifer has confessed to being hugely passionate about the issue.

The 32-year-old star told Sky News: “You watch it on the news and you know that it’s just going to eventually fade out of the news and I didn’t want these women’s lives to just be a quick story that everybody forgets about.”
Lawrence approached her producing partner in an effort to shine a light on the issue, reports

The Hollywood star also described the current situation in Afghanistan as being “unbelievable”.

She shared: “I spoke to my producing partner about how to get cameras in a Taliban-run Afghanistan, and we found Sahra Mani, who is an Afghan filmmaker, and we told her this is what we want to do.

“Obviously it was extremely dangerous for her and for the three women that participated … and thanks to Sahra and these amazing women’s courage, we have this footage that hopefully will explain and put more light on women’s suffrage in Afghanistan, which is just unbelievable.”
Sahra directed the 2018 documentary ‘A Thousand Girls Like Me’, which centres on a young Afghan woman who seeks justice after having been abused for years.

Lawrence previously claimed that she was the ideal candidate to helm ‘Bread And Roses’.

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