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J Trix, Ikka’s ‘Gundagardi’ showcases evolution, diversity of Indian hip-hop

J Trix, Ikka’s ‘Gundagardi’ showcases evolution, diversity of Indian hip-hop. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, June 27 : Indian hip-hop stars J Trix and Ikka have joined forces on Trix’s new single, ‘Gundagardi’. A fusion of Delhi and Kolkata sounds, ‘Gundagardi’ is straight in your face gangsta rap packing a ton of swag, attitude and some anger, with booming production and a loud sound design, complete with a catchy groove and hooks, while showcasing their talent and skill.

The collaboration between JTrix and Ikka not only celebrates their individual achievements, but also symbolises the unity and growth of the IndianHipHopscene.Speaking about his collaboration withTrix, Ikka said. “It was a different experience and I was thrilled to work on it. I hope my fans like the song and support the same way they have been doing for others. I have another collaboration with Def Jam India and it has always been amazing working with them.”

Talking about the song,JTrixsaid, “I am thrilled, trying something this unique. This wouldn’t have been possible without Ikka. I hope the fans like the song.”

Produced by Subspace, a frequent collaborator ofJTrix. ‘Gundagardi’showcasestheevolutionanddiversityof theIndianhip-hopscene, and has garnered positive reception online.

Notably, ‘Gundagardi’ also serves as the lead single from Trix’s upcoming debut EP, ‘Middle Class Boys’, and was released under the Def Jam India label.

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