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How Aalisha Panwar beats Mumbai heat: Sunscreen, nimbu pani, electrolytes

How Aalisha Panwar beats Mumbai heat: Sunscreen, nimbu pani, electrolytes. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, June 3 : Actress Aalisha Panwar, who hails from Himachal Pradesh, can adjust to cold weather but struggles with the heat and shared that over the course of her stay in Mumbai, she has gradually adapted to it.

Aalisha, who is currently seen as Gauri in ‘Nath – Krishna aur Gauri ki Kahani’, shared: “Sometimes when we are shooting, we are out in the direct sun, and between shots, we cannot have the AC or fans on, so we really need to be prepared to beat the heat. There are things that I personally follow, like always applying sunscreen, not only on my face but all over my exposed skin.”

“I tend to get sunburned badly, so I try to stay hydrated as much as possible by drinking lots of water. There are times when plain water isn’t enough, so I try to ask for nimbu pani, or electrolytes, to consume more water. I try to stand in front of a fan or find shaded spots between shots during little breaks so that I don’t get a heat stroke. I try to ensure a few little things, like having more citrus fruits and such,” she said.

The actress further talked about her character Gauri, who started as a carefree, bubbly, and innocent girl but changed due to certain circumstances.

“This girl was so innocent, so pure-hearted, and so naive. She wanted to be an actress and was in college, and all those things made it unimaginable at that time for the audience to think that this girl could someday be the villain or turn into a gray shade. But then, slowly, as the situation changed, she had to become stronger, more fearless, and more mindful,” said Aalisha.

Speaking of her most memorable moment from the set, the actress said it was when the production house celebrated her birthday and invited her family members.

“The production house and the whole unit celebrated my birthday so nicely and beautifully on set. Big, huge banners were made with my pictures and birthday wishes, and they were put up there. Beautiful cakes were brought in, and the whole media was there. The entire production house, the whole team, and my family were also invited,” she added.

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