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From Indian classicals to hip-hop, Punjabi music Vidyut Jammwal trains on them all!

New Delhi: Actor Vidyut Jammwal during a promotional event of his upcoming movie ‘IB71’,in New Delhi,on Friday, May 5, 2023. (Photo:IANS/Anupam Gautam). Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, May 6 : Ever wondered what it takes to train like Vidyut Jammwal? Of course dedication but a great taste in music helps too. From Indian classicals, sufi to electronic and Punjabi music, the Bollywood action star listens to them all while working out.

It won’t be wrong to say that Vidyut, who is gearing up for the release of his upcoming film ‘IB 71’ releasing on May 12, has taken action a notch higher. But to perform great stunts one needs to train greater.

So what kind of music does he listen to?
Vidyut told IANS: “Music keeps changing for me. It depends on what zone I am in. Let’s talk about fitness. When I go to the gym, everyone listens to the same music. I find it weird. Music is imperative to your life. For example, if I am doing slow-fast movements of martial arts, I normally like to listen to sufi music or Indian classical music. I enjoy that.”
That’s not it.

“There are times that I want to kick the punching bag open, I’d listen to some b-boying or hip-hop music. It keeps changing. There are times I like electronic music, but it depends on where I want to take my physical fitness to. But I keep shifting music.”
Vidyut has a taste for Punjabi music too!
“Sometimes I want to have fun while training and that’s when I listen to Punjabi or some other regional music.”
‘IB 71’, headlined and produced by Vidyut Jammwal, tells the story of the ‘Ganga’ hijack of 1971, which helped India gain a strategic advantage over Pakistan.

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