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‘Felt like listening to Indian Orchestra performing on Broadway’

Badshah: ‘Hip-hop pushes you to be you, minus the facades’. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, Aug 18 : The latest edition of the reality television show ‘India’s Got Talent’ is set to unveil its ‘Top 14’ contestants this weekend. Among the contestants will be the musical group Raaga Fusion who will enthral the judges panel with their performance.

The show has been showcasing diverse Indian talent that has won the hearts of the Jury – Kirron Kher, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, and Badshah. And now, the show has found its top 14 contestants who will perform awe-inspiring acts, thereby proving they deserve to be in the ‘Talent Ka World Premiere’.

Playback singer Javed Ali will be seen gracing the special episode, and will be amazed at the extraordinary display of talent by the Top 14 contestants.

Raaga Fusion impressed the judges in the audition round with their melodious voices, winning themselves the golden buzzer. And in the grand premiere, they will be seen adding a new admirer to their list as Javed Ali will get enamoured by the group’s rendition of ‘Ghanan Ghanan’ from the film ‘Lagaan’. Javed Ali joined Raaga Fusion on stage to recreate the magic of ‘Kesariya Balam’ and ‘Tum Tak’, leaving everyone amazed.

Appreciating their performance, Javed Ali will share, “The combination of the four of you is exceptionally good, and you have blended it beautifully. Your performance had a Carnatic end, and you integrated it seamlessly. In fusion, the addition of layakari is crucial; without it, the composition feels incomplete. However, you flawlessly incorporated this element”.

He will further mention, “One key aspect of fusion, in my opinion, is that each performer contributes their individual talent without disrupting others. In your act, one member sang, followed by the flute, then the guitar, and finally the layakari. The way you harmonised these four elements without causing any disturbance to the other was truly remarkable. Your performance was distinct and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.”

Adding to the praise, Badshah will say, “This is a presentation of the highest calibre. The moment you began, I got goosebumps— and a person who gets goosebumps speaks the truth. The instrumental piece, the jugalbandi, and the precise kalakari, it felt like we were listening to an Indian Orchestra performing on Broadway. I take immense pride in our culture and the way you are presenting it. No words can define your talent.”

‘India’s Got Talent’ will air this weekend on Sony Entertainment Television.

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