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Deer gets impaled at the fence of ‘The Shining’ author Stephen King’s gothic house

Deer gets impaled at the fence of ‘The Shining’ author Stephen King’s gothic house. Image Source: IANS News

Los Angeles, July 1 : Horror author Stephen King’s Maine home witnessed a horrific sight as a tragic and devastating scene occurred when a deer impaled itself on the fence surrounding his gothic-style home.

Images from the scene show a white-tailed fawn stuck on the sharp spikes of the wrought iron fence surrounding the Bangor vacation property of King, who is the author behind believed classics such as ‘The Shining’ and ‘Pet Sematary’, reports

Half of the one-year-old deer’s body was inside the property. When he tried to manoeuvre himself to be set free, the young animal’s midsection got caught on the shape spikes.

As per, the Bangor police department noted that the animal found itself in the situation after attempting to jump over the fence, which ended up being too high. They confirmed to TMZ that while it was unclear whether Stephen was home at the time, he did not call the police. It was a woman driving by who spotted the animal and dialled 911.

Upon arrival, police put the deer out of its misery and shot it. Per Maine’s state law, officers are authorised to kill wild animals if they appear distressed. Stephen’s Bangor home is world-famous, with plenty of his fans flocking to catch a glimpse of the house of one of the most successful authors.

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