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Chris Pratt’s acting ambition was triggered after he got lost in a mall

Chris Pratt.. Image Source: IANS News

Los Angeles, May 6 : Hollywood star Chris Pratt decided to become an actor after getting lost in a mall as a child.

The 43-year-old star made a concerted effort to become louder and more noticeable after he got lost while he was out with his family in Minnesota, reports

Pratt, who is now one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, told Entertainment Tonight, “I was walking in the mall holding, I thought, my mom’s hand. And then I just looked up and she wasn’t there and I was lost in the mall. I started to cry and some adult stranger, by the grace of God not some weirdo, found me and brought me back. We started looking around for my family [for] what felt like ages, finally found them – they were shopping and didn’t even notice I was gone.”
He said that the incident changed his entire outlook. The movie star also revealed that it triggered his acting ambitions.

He shared, “I think from that moment forward I was like, ‘If I’m in the room, I’m gonna be loud.’ And I’m gonna be noticed and I’m gonna make sure everyone knows I’m there just in case I get lost. They’re gonna actually notice me. I really think that’s why I became an actor.”

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