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Big B didn’t count but ‘gave some money’ to a girl ‘wrapped in rough paper plastic’ selling roses

Amitabh Bachchan.. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, June 27 : Megastar Amitabh Bachchan detailed his encounter with a girl ‘wrapped in rough paper plastic’ while selling roses. He said he did not count but gave some money to the ‘half drenched’ girl.

Amitabh took to his blog and shared: “… she stood there , a little one , half drenched in the heavy downpour a while before, a small bunch of red roses , worn out by rain and time , wrapped in rough paper plastic , moving from car window to car window at the traffic stop .. an expectation for the sale to feed herself and perhaps a few other small in her family .. on her soft weather worn face.”

The thespian then said that he called her after seeing her. “In a while as she got dis interested rebuttals from the cars ahead .. I was seeing her .. I beckoned her .. the Police cop car in security behind gave warning signals to her .. do not approach .. she backed off for a while .. then when she noticed I was calling her .. she expressed apprehension to both the Police and then the window on mine that I was lowering for her.”

The icon said that he did not ask how much the roses cost but just gave her the money. He added: “I looked at her sad but filled with a face that wondered for her what lay in store .. I did not ask what the roses cost .. just gave her some money .. did not see or count what it was .. was it really necessary to do so , NO .. she hesitatingly took the money .. handed the bouquet equally hesitant .. wondering whether I would negotiate .. I told her that’s it .. go.” “I have nothing more to say on this Blog but to express the face of that little one on getting a reward of feeding not just herself, but perhaps many more of her family .. for days perhaps .. The face of hunger being taken care of .. the face of fulfilment .. the face of , is this really happening to me .. the face of wanting to rush to the rest of the family to share her exuberance and joy.”



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