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Arjun Mathur says it’s essential to set boundaries in a hyper-connected world

Mumbai : Celebs at the screening of ‘Made in Heaven’ Season 2. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, Aug 16 : Actor Arjun Mathur, who has been receiving a lot of positive response to his recently released second season of ‘Made In Heaven’, feels that in the ever-evolving world where everything is now hyper-connected, it’s essential that people set-up boundaries.

In the show, Arjun portrays the character of a homosexual man and one of the most powerful moments in the show is when the character of his dying mother unbeknownst of his son having a different sexual orientation, tells him to get married.

Arjun’s character of Karan Mehra, who heads the titular wedding planning company, tells her that although he loves her unconditionally, she cannot blackmail him into doing something that he cannot.

Talking to IANS, Arjun said: “Boundaries in general are extremely important. In my personal space also, I am trying to learn how to set up boundaries. It becomes all the more difficult to set-up boundaries with people who are close to you or with people whom you love.”

He further mentioned: “My character in the show Karan is trying to do that as you would see in the sequence when he tells his mother that she can’t blackmail him into doing something that he is not willing to. Setting up boundaries saves you from damage, it’s a good practice.”

‘Made In Heaven 2’ is streaming on Prime Video.

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