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Anuraj Chahal says Armaan in ‘Udaariyaan’ is the opposite of his real-life persona

Anuraj Chahal on playing Armaan in ‘Udaariyaan’: It’s stark contrast to my real-life persona. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, Aug 17 : Exemplifying his unwavering commitment to his acting, Anuraj Chahal delves into the depths of his character preparation, offering insight into the intriguing contrast between his personal demeanour, and the vibrant role of Armaan he portrays on-screen in the show ‘Udaariyaan’.

In ‘Udaariyaan’, the enthralling post-leap storyline of love and aspirations continues to captivate its viewers.

Staying true to their characters and embracing their roles with unwavering dedication, the new cast, Alisha Parveen as Alia, Anuraj Chahal as Armaan Gill, and Aditi Bhagat as Aasmaa Dhillon are leaving no stone unturned to keep the audience entertained.

Comparing himself to his character, Anuraj said: “Taking on the character of Armaan has proven to be quite a challenge for me.He stands in stark contrast to my real-life persona. Armaan exudes this vibrant energy and an unending zest for life, whereas I am naturally more tranquil and composed.”

“During moments when I’m not in Armaan’s shoes, I tend to maintain a quiet demeanour. However, the moment I step into his shoes, a remarkable transformation occurs, and I embody an entirely different individual.

“I will continue to be dedicated in playing the role of Armaan and breathe life into my character,” he added.

Alia is the beloved daughter of Nehmat (played by Twinkle Arora) and Ekam (played by Hitesh Bharadwaj), a rebellious soul who considers Nehmat her greatest adversary. She believes that Nehmat drove her mother away and selfishly took her father, mistaking Harleen for her real mother.

Armaan is a 25-years old high-spirited guy, who holds a special place in Alia’s heart, and believes there’s nothing a jugaad can’t fix. On the other hand, Harleen’s biological daughter, Aasmaa, is a dreamer raised in Canada but carries a profound love for India in her heart.

As fate would have it, the lives of Alia, Armaan, and Aasmaa intertwine in unexpected ways.

The show airs on Colors.

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