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‘Ajooni’ actress Ayushi Khurana shares hydration tips for summers

Ayushi Khurana.. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, May 2 : Actress Ayushi Khurana, who plays the titular character in the television show ‘Ajooni’, is shooting for the show along with her fellow actors in the scorching heat. She shared her tips on how to stay hydrated during summer time.

Talking about her summer routine, Ayushi shared, “While shooting in summer, between the lights and the camera, we have to constantly keep ourselves hydrated. So, I drink water constantly, but I also consume other liquids like buttermilk, lassi, fruit juice, and coconut water to avoid getting bored of drinking plain water.”
The show also stars Shoaib sharing the screen with Ayushi.

The actress loves coffee but has cut down on her intake to make way for cooler drinks that help the body stay healthy during summers. She said, “Although I love drinking coffee, I try to avoid it mostly in summer, as consuming cold beverages is more beneficial in this season. Apart from this, I avoid doing heavy workouts and prefer walking or swimming, as swimming is very close to my heart, in the summer season.”
Ayushi also advised her fans to drink plenty of fluids while they are away from home, avoid eating fried, spicy, and outside food, and take care of themselves. This is especially important as the heat has been wreaking havoc on people’s health.

‘Ajooni’ airs every Monday to Friday at 8.30 p.m. on Star Bharat.

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